Munich, Germany: Wandering with Nymphs at Nymphenburg Palace

The clock was ticking toward 5pm as I walk hurriedly to Nymphenburg Palace in Munich. After spending too much time in churches around Munich (They are just too gorgeous), I ended up with too little time for the palace. Schloss Nymphenburg or Nymphenburg Palace closes at 6pm, so no time to leisurely stroll through the verdant approach along the canal that leads to the palace.

I hated to rush through its expansive Italian-French-English garden and skipped all the stunning pavilions that scattered around, but I had no choice. However, I promised myself to make the most of my one hour inside the palace. As I soon discovered, the interior was so fairytale-like you will want to appreciate all the details. Schloss Nymphenburg does live up to the meaning behind its name, “Castle of the Nymphs”.

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Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany: Fairytales, Fortresses and Festivities

“Fairytalelike” might be one of the most overused words we come across when reading about small European towns or villages. Still, they are beautiful and Rothenburg ob der Tauber (Rothenburg on the Tauber River) in Germany has to be one of the most beautiful fairytale towns in the world.

Located in Mittelfranken or the Middle Franconia region, Rothenburg ob der Tauber is also one of the many towns along the Romantic Road in Bavaria. I didn’t get to visit all the Romantic Road towns, but I daresay Rothenburg is definitely among the most charming. Besides colorful houses and cobblestoned streets that make us think of storybook illustrations, Rothenburg is home to Germany’s most well preserved fortified medieval towns and the world’s biggest Christmas shop.

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